40km of cycle paths right in front of the Hotel

Mimizan and its region has about 40 km of cycle paths winding through the pine forest, past the great lake and the dunes and emerging out onto the Atlantic coast.

You will find below the list of cycle tracks through Mimizan and you can buy a map of all the bike paths for 1 € at the Mimizan Tourist Office.

Charming hotel, Bellevue, in the heart for Les Landes cycle paths 

The Roscoff - Hendaye bike path; full view on the Atlantic Coast

The most famous cycling routes is Vélodyssé, the biggest bike route in France with 1200 km starting from Roscoff and traveling along the Atlantic coast to Hendaye and passing though Mimizan.


The Coast Trail of the Landes; between beach and forest

The bike path of the Coast is oriented North-South and runs parallel to the beach and the forest , traveling on this path will take you to the beach Lespecier, after which the paths continues to run along the Atlantic coast.

The Dunes bike path; rising above the trees

The Dunes bike path is East-West oriented, this track is built from ancient dunes giving you the opportunity to climb up to 40m in height for great views. The path passes through the fresh pin woods of the Landes forest. You will reach the Lake Aureilhan as you continue to the villages of Ste Eulalie en Born, Parentis and even Biscarrosse and for the more adventurous !

Pontex les Forges bike path; Mimizan beach to urban

The Pontex les Forges bink path is a West facing track offering many different landscape as it runs though forest, residential areas , the centre of the village of St Paul Born and Mimizan. The final destination of this cycle path is the beach – the perfect reward !

Mimizan - Ste Eulalie en Born cycle path; the great lakes  

The Mimizan - Ste Eulalie en Born cycle path is North - South oriented - with this track you will return of nature for it will lead you to deep in the forest  all the way to the lake Aureilhan.